What Are The Alternatives To Veneers On Your Teeth?

What Are The Alternatives To Veneers On Your Teeth?

What Are The Alternatives To Veneers On Your Teeth?

When we talk about cosmetic dentistry or improving one’s smile and facial aesthetics, veneers are the first thing that comes to mind. Indeed, veneers can do wonders in transforming one’s smile and helping them boost their self-confidence. 

But are veneers the only option available for smile makeovers? Is there any alternative available to veneers? If you are searching for an answer to these questions, you have come to the right place. This blog will discuss veneers and their alternatives and, more importantly, how to utilise these cosmetic options to enjoy a healthy and charming smile. So, read on to find out more. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Dental Veneers?

According to the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, a veneer is a thin shell of porcelain or composite resins bonded to the front surface of damaged teeth to restore their aesthetics, structure, and strength. If you’re wondering whether veneers are a suitable restorative option for you, here are some of their pros and cons that will help you decide.

Pros of Veneers 

  • Lifelike Aesthetics – Dental veneers are made of tooth-coloured materials, which allows them to precisely match the colour and shade of the adjacent teeth. As a result, they become virtually indistinguishable from the existing natural teeth and blend in perfectly. 
  • Superior Clinical Life – Dental veneers are prepared in a dental laboratory under controlled conditions. Therefore, they possess superior strength and durability compared to direct bonded restorations. 
  • Repair Potential – Veneers possess limited repair potential. For example, if a veneer comes off, your dentist may place it back by rebonding it. 

Cons of Veneers 

  • Cost – dental veneers are significantly costlier than direct composite restorations.
  • Staining Potential – porcelain veneers can get stained if proper oral hygiene is not maintained.  

What Are The Most Common Questions About Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are among the most commonly used cosmetic treatment options. That is why patients have many questions about this treatment option before they opt for it. A commonly asked question related to veneers is whether they last a lifetime. The answer to this question is that all dental restorations and prostheses – including veneers – have a limited lifespan. According to Healthline, dental veneers can last 5 – 10 years, depending on how well you look after them. 

Are Veneers Better Than Teeth Bonding?

Another commonly asked question is whether veneers are better than bonding. To answer this question, let us understand the difference between these restorative options. A bonded restoration is a tooth-coloured filling placed directly on a damaged tooth at the dental chairside. On the other hand, a veneer is an indirect restoration, meaning that it is first prepared in the laboratory and then bonded to the tooth using adhesive. 

Since veneers are prepared by a technician in a controlled environment, they possess superior aesthetics and are considerably longer lasting than bonded restorations. So, if you seek a durable and aesthetically pleasing restorative option, you should consider porcelain veneers for your smile makeover. 

What Are The Reasons Why Dental Veneers Are Worth It?

Dental veneers are an excellent restorative option for fixing one’s smile and crooked teeth. They blend in perfectly with the existing teeth and improve one’s smile and self-confidence. Besides, dental veneers require minimal tooth preparation. 

Do Veneers Straighten Teeth Just Like Braces?

If someone does not want to wear braces or cannot wait many months to get their teeth straightened, they can have them restored cosmetically with veneers. However, veneers do not straighten one’s teeth like braces. Instead, they only fix the cosmetic issue and don’t address the underlying problem. 

The best practice is to get one’s teeth straightened first, followed by teeth whitening to improve the shade of the existing teeth and then apply veneers to optimise facial aesthetics. This so-called A-B-C smile makeover method comprises three steps: align using Invisalign aligners, brighten teeth whitening, and contour the damaged teeth using bonded fillings or veneers. 

Can Veneers Fix Yellow Teeth?

The best solution for teeth that have become yellowed due to stains is teeth whitening. Your dentist will apply a bleaching agent on your teeth, which chemically dissolves the stains and reveals a fresh, whitened layer of the teeth. However, in cases where the stains are permanent, such as those caused by tetracycline or excessive fluoride intake during tooth development, they cannot be whitened with professional bleaching.  

What Is The Difference Between Teeth Whitening And Veneers?

According to the NHS, teeth whitening refers to lighting one’s teeth shade by applying a potent yet safe bleaching agent on them. On the other hand, veneers are shells bonded to the teeth to fix various cosmetic issues, including teeth stains. Typically, teeth whitening eliminates removable stains, while veneers are used for masking permanent teeth stains. 

Are Veneers A Better Option Than Orthodontics?

Many people opt for veneers to get teeth cosmetically aligned. Although this option can fix the cosmetic issue, it does not fix the underlying problem. So, if you want the best solution for your crooked teeth, consider aligning them with braces or Invisalign aligners first and then seek cosmetic treatment. 

But what if you could combine orthodontic treatment, teeth whitening, and veneers to get a complete smile makeover? That is precisely what Taylor Street Smile Makeover and Dentistry is offering.  We offer a revolutionary, three-step A-B-C smile makeover. The first step is to align your teeth with Invisalign. Once the teeth are straightened, we will brighten your teeth and then apply veneers on them so that you can enjoy a pearly white Hollywood Smile. 

So, what are you waiting for? Book a free consultation with us today to benefit from our A-B-C smile makeovers. We look forward to serving you.