Composite bonding is a non-invasive treatment used to correct a range of minor imperfections on the teeth. Most commonly, composite bonding is a treatment for chipped teeth, irregular teeth correction, tooth gaps, or discolouration.

Composite bonding can offer excellent aesthetic results and is a shorter term solution than other aesthetic options such as porcelain veneers. Whether it is the right choice for you also depends on the current situation of your teeth.

Taylor Street Dental use the state of the art Digital Smile Design technology to ensure your composite bonding is delivered with precision and efficiency to optimise your smile.

To match your natural teeth we keep on hand a variety of shades to ensure we can deliver beautiful results that look and feel right for you.


A composite resin is delicately affixed to the tooth’s enamel and shaped to restore the tooth’s original appearance or achieve the desired corrections. The colour of the resin is seamlessly matched to your natural teeth, ensuring the bonding appears as though it is part of the tooth.

A curing light is applied to the enamel allowing the practitioner to shape and mould this to your tooth. This hardens the composite resin, setting this into place. Once the process is complete, the composite resin is indistinguishable from the natural tooth enamel, making composite bonding a discreet and non-invasive choice for those looking to correct small imperfections in their teeth.


  • Non-invasive: This doesn’t require patients to have injections or invasive procedures such as tooth drilling. 
  • Quick and Easy: The majority of treatment plans can be completed in just one session.
  • No Moulds: There is no requirement for uncomfortable processes such as tooth impressions or moulds.
  • Versatile: Suitable for a range of patients with healthy overall gums and teeth. 
  • Affordable: While it will require replacement, it is a good starting point for a brand new smile.

Why Choose Taylor Street Dental for Composite Bonding?

At Taylor Street Dental, our experienced team, led by Dr. Dylan Lin, is dedicated to providing high-quality dental care that combines aesthetics with functionality. Dr. Lin takes the time for thorough planning and unrushed treatment, ensuring your aesthetic needs align with the harmony of your bite, muscles, and jaw joint. We use advanced techniques, including Digital Smile Design simulations, to deliver accurate results and enhanced precision dentistry.

Dr. Dylan has a wealth of experience and continually pursues the continuing education that helps him improve his expertise and give you the results you demand. He has trained under specialists and experts renowned for their ability to transform smiles using minimally invasive techniques while developing the skills needed to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your results.

Dylan works alongside a kind, compassionate, and understanding team: Our team of dedicated professionals is ready to help you smile. Working together is our priority while we ensure that your visits are calm and relaxing – and our dentists help you achieve the smile of your dreams. 


As with our other treatment options, we offer a complimentary discussion with our Treatment Coordination Lead before consulting with Dr. Dylan. This enables a trained dental professional to assess your needs and suggest viable treatments to both you and the Dr, helping to streamline the process.

This discussion informs your consultation and any treatment as a result of this consultation.

How Long Do The Results of Composite Bonding Typically Last?

Composite bonding is a long-lasting cosmetic dental solution. The results of composite bonding can typically last for several years with proper care. The composite resin material used in bonding is durable and resistant to wear and staining. However, it’s essential to maintain good oral hygiene and avoid habits like biting on hard objects to ensure the longevity of your bonding results.

Composite Bonding Cost

The cost of composite bonding can vary depending on several factors, including the number of teeth being treated and the complexity of the case. It’s an affordable alternative to more extensive cosmetic procedures like veneers and crowns. To get an accurate estimate of the cost of composite bonding for your specific needs, we recommend scheduling a consultation with us at Taylor Street Dental.

Composite Bonding FAQ’s

Composite bonding is a semi-permanent cosmetic dental procedure. While it offers long-lasting results, it may need maintenance or replacement over time. The composite resin used in bonding is durable but can wear down or become discoloured over several years. However, it’s a minimally invasive procedure, and any necessary touch-ups can typically be done without significant changes to your natural teeth.

In some cases, composite bonding can be an alternative to braces for minor cosmetic issues, such as fixing small gaps between teeth or correcting minor misalignments. However, bonding is not suitable for more complex orthodontic issues. To determine if dental bonding is a suitable alternative for your specific dental concerns, it’s best to consult with our experienced team at Taylor Street Dental.

Yes, you can eat after getting your teeth bonded. Composite bonding is a non-invasive procedure that does not require any downtime or special dietary restrictions. However, it’s essential to be mindful of your oral hygiene and avoid biting on extremely hard objects to prevent damage to the bonded teeth.

Stains on bonded teeth can typically be removed through professional dental cleaning and polishing during your regular dental check-ups. Our team at Taylor Street Dental can provide comprehensive cleaning and maintenance to keep your bonded teeth looking their best.